Xiaomi Yi Action Camera


The Xiaomi Yi – Action Camera

You are probably just getting bored by reading every other write up when it comes to Xiaomi and all of its crazy low priced smartphones which it is known for in the world today. Just before you think that this is going to be something similar to all that you have already read about their smartphones, you might want to read the header of this article just once again. Yes, that is right, be surprised because Xiaomi is not just manufacturing smartphones but they have now come up with the all new Xiaomi Yi Action Camera. Xiaomi has decided to expand their products into other categories other than smartphones and the good news which would make you more than happy is the fact that they are building their brand name and reputation by manufacturing products with high-end features as what you might expect to get on some of the big brand names in the world today at a very low price. Yes, you guessed it right because market share is still something that the company wants to gain.

Let us now get down to business and find out what this camera really is all about. Since this is a camera after all and not a phone, let us break down this gadget right here and see what it is made of and the best way to start is by finding out what is inside the box of the Xiaomi Yi Action Camera.


So What Do You Actually Get?

The first thing that you need to know is that this camera comes with 3 special parts which are the Xiaomi Camera itself, a micro-USB cable to charge your camera and to transfer your pictures into your computer and a rechargeable 1010mAH camera battery.


Design & Features

You are about to find out why Xiaomi is compared and regarded to as the Chinese Apple. Xiaomi is one of those rare companies that focuses on packaging and presentation and you would never ever get disappointed when it comes to the product design and product packaging. The USB cable and the battery are both so neatly packed inside the box that your will be amazed. The only thing that might bother you about this amazing little gadget here is that it comes in 2 colours which are White and Green, so you don’t really have much of a choice to choose from as far as your personal taste for colours is concerned. You would probably want to go for the green coloured camera as the white one looks plain and simple. I know what you are thinking and yes, Xiaomi should really have included a metallic black coloured one altogether to the collection.

yi action camera

Ports & Buttons

The Xiaomi Yi, being a very simple action camera, has very few buttons and ports on it. This is actually a pretty good thing as it makes this camera one of the most simplistic yet amazing action camera as of yet.

You will see a front ON/OFF Power button on your camera which enables you to switch on and turn off your camera. There is also a special shutter button whereby you can take photos or even use it to record videos. You also get another bonus feature on this camera which is a Wi-Fi button which turns ON/OFF your Wi-Fi connection.

As for the ports on this camera, you will of course have a port for your 1/4” tripod mount which is considered one of the most important things ever for all you camera geeks out there. The other standard ports which you will get on the Xiaomi Yi would be none other than the micro SD slot, USB port which is meant for charging and files transfers, a HDMI port which enables you to connect your camera to your television to preview your images or even videos, a battery clip which is meant to open up your battery case and of course this camera comes with LED indicators to help you know if your camera is in recording mode by the colour changes of the LED indicators.


Let us all be honest when it comes to making videos. For all of those out there that actually record and make short videos, you can have the joy of knowing that the Xiaomi Yi comes with a Time-Lapse mode. What this does is that it allows you to continuously take photos based on the time intervals that you have set. The time-lapse intervals which you would get to choose from are 0.5/1/2/5/10/30/60 seconds.


Burst Mode

Another feature on this camera which will amaze you is the burst mode. This comes in really handy when you really are in the mode to take rapid shots of a certain situation or an event. What happens here is that your camera will capture multiple shots in just a single second. For example, if your were to set your camera’s burst-mode to 7p/s, this means that your camera will in fact capture all the 7 images within that one second. This one is definitely a huge plus point as many of the bigger brand names out there don’t actually have a burst-mode.

Memory Card

This little gadget is able to support up to 64GB Micro SD and Micro SDHC memory cards. It is recommended that you at least use a branded Class 10 Micro SD Card to avoid any issues and to have a smooth performance altogether.

Loop Recording

You might ask yourself what is the purpose of having a loop recording feature on the camera and to be honest, the only time this would come in handy is when you intend to use your Xiaomi Yi as a CCTV gadget in monitoring a certain situation because the beauty about having a loop feature is that you won’t have to worry about touching your cameras until there is something on the footage which you want to save.

Battery Life

The Xiaomi Yi Action Cameras uses a LiPo 1010mAH battery and while this might not seem like a lot of power, it allows you to have at least 2 hours of Wi-Fi. I know that most of you might still prefer the camera the battery life to be a little longer as you never know when an exciting moment pops up and you just have to capture the whole things on video. Another good thing about this camera is that fact that the LED colour indications are able to show you how much of battery power is left. The three colours will be see appearing would be the Blue LED colour which means your battery life is more than 50%, Indigo which indicates that you have 15%-49% left and lastly Red, when you have below 15% of power.

A GoPro Killer?

Many have said the Xiaomi Yi is in fact a GoPro killer but the honest truth is, while this tiny amazing camera has some amazing features to it, it is still not considered a direct threat or competitor to GoPro just yet. The Xaiomi Yi Action Camera is still pretty much an easy to carry camcorder for people to record down basic stuff and also taking pictures which aren’t at its highest quality of what a camera is actually capable off.