Xiaomi Mi Max

Chinese smartphone Xiaomi with its new introduction like the Mi Max is getting more and more positive feedback from users. Will the Mi Max be another success for Xiaomi?


Xiaomi Mi Max has a typical design with not much new or exciting additional touch. Even though the design is not that exciting, its construction with aluminium provides the smartphone with a premium and high standard appearance and feel. One of the user-friendly design include side tapers on the back part which allows users to easily grip hold on the smartphone. Also, it has a reasonable weight and thus, users can easily carry the smartphone in their pockets. Besides that, users are to unlock the smartphone with a reader of fingerprint on the back of the phone. Comments received on this feature is very neutral. Quite many positive feedback received on the power and volume keys being built tightly and sturdily.   


The display of the Xiaomi Mi Max looks pretty decent and good with its large 6.44” screen, putting it into the phablet category. With its extra-large display, it is still possible to use the smartphone with a single hand but not for a long period of time as it will get uncomfortable after a while. Users need to adapt to Mi Max’s large screen in order to get used to it for daily usage. Keep in mind that with the extra-large screen or bigger size, the smartphone tend to slide out from small pockets.  


The battery life for Xiaomi Mi Max is said to be excellent as it is equipped with a very large 4850 mAh non-removable battery. However, it would takes up to four hours to fully charge the battery due to its larger size. As for the camera, the Xiaomi Mi Max has a very intelligent 16 MP f/2.0 rear camera including a dual LED flash. Images captured with the smartphone are pretty sharp and satisfying. The colour is very pleasing as well. On the downside of the camera, the autofocus is criticized for being slow and sometimes tend to miss focus.

Xiaomi Mi Max is available in three different colours; gold, silver and dark grey. In China, the price for the smartphone starts at 1499 RMB and will be different from region to region. No smartphones are perfect and the Mi Max is said to be good and reasonable enough for the price being offered. If users are looking for a smartphone with fairly good enough features that comes with an extra-large screen, Xiaomi Mi Max can be one of the considerations.