Xiaomi Mi Band


A brand name which is known to all, Xiaomi, is known in the world today for manufacturing great smartphones and other gadgets at extremely affordable prices. This time, Xiaomi is back again but with a product which is very different from what is has previously been selling to the world. The Xiaomi Mi Band is what the company has come up with this time and everyone was shocked at the price this product was being sold for. The Xiaomi Mi Band which is being retailed for only USD 13 (RM 47) is probably one of the cheapest fitness bands that you will find out there. With a price point that low, anyone and everyone will be able to afford one without even having to think twice. Should you get one just because it is ridiculously cheap compared to the other activity trackers around or should you get one because of all that this little gadget has to offer? We will soon find out.



The Xiaomi Mi Band is as simple as it can possible get. The band is made of only two parts which is the actual rubbery band and the Bluetooth device that records down your activities. The Xiaomi Mi Band has no display but instead it has three LED indicators to update you on your progress of reaching your daily goal. The special thing about this fitness tracker is that is can track your sleeping patterns, its lets you to unlock your phone from a distance when you are nearby and the best part about this is that this band here even alerts you by causing a vibration to let you know that you have an incoming call. This sleek gadget has a smooth metal finish to and the side which grips your arm is plastic.



What this band is made of is an accelerometer that run on a low-energy Bluetooth that can keep running for a couple of years. It runs on a 225mAH button type cell and the device can stay active for 30 days with a full single charge. One of the reasons the Xiaomi Mi Band is priced very low is because there aren’t a lot of sensors used inside. The final part of this band is the vibration motor that causes the band to vibrate when you get any notifications or even incoming calls.



As for the software part of this gadget, you will need to download the Mi Fit app onto your Apple or Android smartphone. One thing you need to remember is that this app works better with Androids running with a version 4.3 or more and as for iOS platforms, it requires at least iOS 7.0 and above. Right after downloading the Mi Fit app, you will need to register the app with your personal user credentials.


Some of the things which you would be happy to know is that the Xiaomi Mi Band works well as a fitness tracker. The only downside to this band is that as long as you have this band turned on around your hand, the sensors will pick up irrelevant data just as long this band is turned on and around your arm. The band might even pick up data as though you were running even when you are just taking a walk. This sensitive tracker picks up your hand movements and considers them to be running steps. It will then give you a number of how many calories you have burned. As you can see, this band isn’t as accurate as what you thought it would be. The one cool thing about this ban is the wake up feature where it vibrates on your arm in the morning.

Another small glitch to this band is the connecting it to the Mi Fit app. Sometime this app would ask sign out by itself  and ask you to sign back in over and over again. To add on to this little issue, there are times when it could take you longer than usual to sign into this app once it gets disconnected.

Overall Conclusion

This is one of the simplest fitness trackers which you will find out there and you would love it even if you aren’t a fitness freak. With a price point at USD 13 (RM 47), what you are actually paying for would be the just a fraction compared to what this band can do. Keep in mind that the Xiaomi Mi Band is nothing less than a great fitness entry level band for you to try out.